On Water Damage

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How damaging is water anyway?

On Water Damage

Did You know that unwanted moisture in a house is just as damaging as fire, termites, or even earthquakes (makes ya think). Water that is out of its element, so to speak, and takes up residence in your home can cause a lot of problems that include:

• Rotting of timber structures and finishes such as floor joints, beams, floors, studs, skirting, architraves and frames.
• Corrosion of metals such as steel reinforcement in concrete, steel beams, lintels, metal door frames etc.
• Swelling of plasterboards and the subsequent debonding of ceramic tiles.
• Electrical hazards causing the possible short circuit of lighting and power points.
• The blistering of paint.
• Unsightly deterioration of the building facade.
• Health problems due to dampness, which may lead to respiratory problems.
• Rotting carpet.



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