Tips on Waterproofing Concrete Tips

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How do I clean concrete?

Cleaning Concrete

Want to improve the looks of your patio, sidewalk or driveway and help protect it from the ravages of weather? You can clean it. Here's some tips on waterproofing concrete:

1. Rent a portable power washer from your local tool rental center or home improvement center. These come in either electric- or gasoline-powered models that use a home garden hose as a water source and use a spray wand like a car wash to deliver a stream of pressurized water.
2. Wet the concrete to be cleaned, and then apply the cleaning product of your choice according to the directions. These products help to strip off grease, oil and dirt;some can actually make the concrete look brighter. If you want a cost-effective cleaner, make your own. Just rustle up a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water.
3. Using a long-handled scrub brush will help get the most out of your cleaning products.
4. Rinse the concrete thoroughly with the power washer. Take care to remove the solution and any loose debris from the concrete completely.
5. Allow the slab to dry thoroughly.

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