Tips on Dealing with Mold and Mildew Damage Tips

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How can I get mildew off clothes and accessories?.

Removing mildew from clothing and accessories

Like Swamp Thing and some rock stars, mildew likes damp places where air can't circulate and the sun don't shine. Like your basement, or your closets, which are a prime breeding ground for the fungus. When you notice mildew on clothes or accessories, get rid of it as quickly as possible by following these simple directions:

1. Pour undiluted white distilled vinegar* into a spray bottle. Vinegar has a high success rate for getting rid of mildew, and it also eliminates the bad odor.
2. Spray the vinegar onto the affected area of the garment or accessory.
3. Let the vinegar work its magic for several hours, ideally outside in the sun.
4. If you're dealing with a garment, wash it only after the sight and smell of the fungus is gone. Use warm, sudsy water, and hang the garment to dry in a clean, dry place. *Liquid chlorine bleach also kills mildew. Check the tags on your garment to find out if it's safe to bleach them. Other acidic substances like lemon juice or grapefruit juice can also combat mildew damage.

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