Testing for Epoxy-Tolerance

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How can I test to see if my concrete surface can take epoxy

Testing for Epoxy-Tolerance

Over the course of time, concrete floors go through a lot. As a result, their surfaces may become compromised to the point that they become unable to accept epoxy-based compounds. So, how do you know if your floor is epoxy-tolerant? One of the best tips on water proofing and waterproofing maintenance is to test things out. Try these three simple tests:

• The mat test: Put a rubber mat or tape down a 3 x 3 (roughly) plastic sheet on the floor. If water collects between it and the floor there is a moisture problem and any floor paint will probably ‘pop off'.
• The water test: Pour water on the cement. It should soak into the cement in a reasonable time. If it beads up or just sits there for a long time, the concrete has been sealed or is grease or oil contaminated, there could be problems. Badly oil saturated concrete will probably never be successfully covered with any kind of paint or epoxy.
• The paint test: Try painting a test area with ‘regular' oil based enamel. If it stays down for several months, chances are good your epoxy floor will bond satisfactorily.



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