Evaluating a Concrete Floor for Expoxy

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How do I know if I can epoxy my concrete floor?

Evaluating a Concrete Floor for Expoxy

If you are thinking of covering your concrete garage or basement floors with an epoxy coating, you'd better look before you leap. Epoxy is finicky and won't stick to just any kind of surface. Here are a few things to look out for before you waste time and money:

• If you sometimes see tiny crystals or white powder on your floor, this is moisture migrating through the concrete. This will often ‘pop off' any kind of coating you apply.
• If the paint on your painted floor is peeling off, most likely any epoxy you apply will also peel off.
• If your floor is damp, the air musty, etc. epoxy floor paints will probably not bond very well.
• If your concrete has been treated with some sort of cement sealer (typically a waxy or silicon based sealer) no paint will stick to it.



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