Repairing Decayed Wood

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How do I repair decayed wood in my deck?

Repairing Decayed Wood

Like everything else, successfully repairing decayed wood can be made easier if you know a few handy hints. For example, epoxy dries very fast and is very hard to remove. So it is wise to clean up as you go along. Here are a few more tips:

• Build up deep holes in layers about 1/2 inch (12 mm) thick. Slightly overfill a flat surface.
• Shape the filler with any tool that seems appropriate on contoured surfaces or corners.
• Rasps are available in a wide variety of shapes for use on flat and contoured surfaces.
• Rasping is not required, but it can be a lot less time-consuming than sanding if you have a lot of hard, dried material to get rid of.
• Drive nails into large damaged areas and let the heads stick up a little so they will be embedded in the filler, but lie below the finished surface.
• You can cut, shape, smooth and drill into cured epoxy just as you can wood.
• Read warning labels and wear goggles, gloves, a dust mask and any other recommended protective equipment while working.



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