Controlling Mildew in a Flood Damaged Home

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How can I get rid of mildew from a flooded home?

Controlling Mildew in a Flood Damaged Home

If your home got hit by a flood, you can expect a bumper crop of mold and mildew if you don't take the proper steps fast. Timing is everything. Don't wait. Clean and thoroughly dry wet carpeting, upholstery, clothing and household items. here are some other tips on dealing with mold and mildew damage:

• If water is in your basement, quickly remove as many items as possible -- furniture, carpeting and stored boxes of household items. Remove standing water promptly and use a disinfectant or light chlorine bleach solution to scrub walls and floor.
• Mildew grows best in a moist, dark, warm environment. Use fans to circulate air. Dehumidifiers will remove excess moisture in the air.
• Spores from mold and mildew could be dangerous to your health. Be careful when working with items that smell musty or are filled with mildew.



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