Preventing Puddles

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How do I get rid of puddles around my basement walls?

Preventing Puddles

So, you've got puddling, do you, ducky? Have you ever thought of installing gutters and downspouts? If you already have them installed, make sure you clean them out regularly. You wouldn't believe the stuff that collects in there. If you have leaves and twigs from nearby trees collecting in a gutter, install a basket-shaped wire strainer over the downspout outlet or place screening across the length of the gutter. Don't let your gutters and downspouts fall into disrepair. Repair those suckers immediately. To prevent water puddling as it comes down your downspout, use a concrete gutter or splash block to carry the water away at a slope of one inch per foot. Also, you might think of extending your downspouts from rain gutters away from the outside foundation. Finally, you can pipe roof water into an underground storm drain, dry well, or surface outlet, fifteen feet or more from the house.



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