Controlling Damage From a Leaky Roof

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Can I control a leak in my roof?

Controlling Damage From a Leaky Roof

Just because rainwater has violated your space doesn't mean you have to let it have its way with you. You can control the damage by following this guide to roof protection and repair:

• Since water can travel on the underside of sheathing or down roof rafters before dropping off in one or more places, you can make it fall where you want it to by tacking a piece of string into the stream of water and letting it hang into a bucket. The water will tend to follow the string.
• Poke or drill a hole in your ceiling to let the water through. This technique will prevent the water from spreading across the top of the ceiling to other areas, keep the ceiling from becoming saturated, eliminate the chance of collapse and/or replacement, and allow you to collect water from below using the string-and-bucket method.



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