Sealing a Concrete Garage Floor

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sealing concrete garage floor

Sealing a Concrete Garage Floor

So, you've read a guide on protecting and maintaining flooring and you're convinced that all of the flooring in your home is safe. But, have you thought about your garage? Sealing your concrete garage floor is a great way to protect it from road salt, eliminate concrete dust, prevent stains, and improve sweepability. And, if you ever decide to paint the floor, you've got a great primer. Follow these easy steps:

1. Use a hose to scrub the floor with commercial concrete cleaner and degreaser according to the manufacturer's instructions.
2. In stained areas, let the cleaner soak in for up to 30 minutes, and repeat the application as needed for stubborn stains.
3. When the floor is dry, put the sealer in a large paint tray. Use a brush to cut in the perimeter and then roll the rest with a medium nap paint roller, equipped with a long handle. Work your way out of the garage. Apply generously but roll out all puddles. Sealer will stain surfaces, so apply it carefully and mask other areas when spraying.
4. Clean up tools with warm soapy water immediately and allow the sealer to dry as directed by the manufacturer. Do not apply a second coat.

*A word of caution: Read product cautions and directions, ventilate the room, and wear appropriate protection such as goggles and a respirator mask.



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