Sealing a Basement Floor

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How do I seal my basement floor ?

Sealing a Basement Floor

Sealing a concrete basement floor is a project most do-it-yourselfers can manage. Nothing to it but to do it. Be sure, however, that you follow the specific instructions and guidelines below:

• Clean away stains and soiled areas using a stiff scrub brush and a concrete cleaner, a solution of trisodium phosphate, or a phosphate-free cleaner.
• For tough stains, such as oil, try using a stain-specific, commercial product developed specifically for removing them. Refer to the package labels for additional instructions.
• Prepare the surface; using a pitching chisel or other steel-edged scraping tool, scrape away rough and uneven spots in the concrete floor.
• Sweep up and vacuum away concrete dust and other debris in cracks and control joints that could reduce adhesion.
• Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in cement dust. If there are any cracks, trowel patching cement into the crack, smooth it out, and let it dry and cure.
• Apply the sealer; using a paintbrush, coat the perimeter of the floor with a clear concrete sealer. Read the label instructions for more specific information. Additional procedures may be recommended, such as neutralizing the alkali in the concrete before sealing it.
• For fast, thorough, and even coverage for the rest of the room apply the sealer using a paint roller and pan or a hand-held sprayer.
• Protect the walls from the spray with drop cloths or sheets of plastic.
• Wear safety goggles and a dust mask or respirator to protect yourself.



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