Color Matching Stucco

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How do I color-match stucco?

Color Matching Stucco

Stucco is great stuff, but it can be a pain to get the repair stucco to match the original. In fact, if the you have a lot of patches, you may have to throw in the trowel and cover it with a cement-based paint or an acrylic exterior paint. Before you paint, don't forget to let the stucco patches cure at least 30 days. Also, when it is time to paint, dampen the wall with water. Finally, be aware that to prevent blotches cement-based paint will need a primer coat. Acrylic paint won't.



5/22/2007 5:18:37 PM
Wayne said:

I'm the first. Needing more info. My condo building is undergoing lot's of weep-screen repairs and the stucco that's being applied doesn't match the 23yearold stucco that's already there. It's too light. The maintenance firm says they're doing all they can. I think they can do better. Do you have any tips on matching stucco? Also, if we want to change the color of our stucco, can it just be repainted?


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