Repairing Stucco

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How do I repair stucco?

Repairing Stucco

Holes, crumbling, and chipped corners in stucco are pretty easy to handle. But don't ignore them, or you could be stuck with a big repair bill later on. As soon as you detect a crack in stucco, make it a point to fix it as quickly as you can.Even small cracks will let water seep into the underlying structure, where it will eventually cause damage. Over time, water and the winter freeze/thaw cycles will turn minor cracks into major problems. Patch large cracks and gaps in a stucco surface with the same stucco mix that was used on the walls, if feasible. Otherwise, use a stucco patching compound. Before you start, though, be sure to check the package instructions for specific information. Fill small cracks with all-acrylic or siliconized-acrylic sealants. If you spot large cracks but don't have time to make a thorough repair, at least seal the openings with a bead of silicone caulk to keep out water. You can peel away the caulking when you start making long-term repairs.



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