Sealing Cracks in a Foundation

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How do I seal cracks and holes in my foundation?

Sealing Cracks in a Foundation

If a crack in your foundation has led to the formation of your own little Water World in your basement, you may be able to close the gap by this guide to foundation repair:

1. Excavate the area to access the crack or hole from the outside.
2. Use a pressure washer, scraper, steel brush, compressed air and/or other approaches and tools to clean the wall area in and around the leak thoroughly.
3. Use a brick or pointing trowel to pack large voids with hydraulic cement, which you can apply to a wet surface. When it dries after a few days, brush on foundation coating and backfill.



7/19/2006 12:55:26 PM
Digger said:

Also look for products that you can inject into the hole or crack. You may get deeper fill of the void. Then use cement and coating.

3/18/2015 10:34:59 AM
Guy Gardener said:

But if I have my own little Water World, why not take a swim? JK, that is a terrible idea. Anybody who asks that seriously should be taken to the hospital.


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