Repairing Cracks in a Concrete Foundation

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How do I repair cracks in concrete?

Repairing Cracks in a Concrete Foundation

Let's face it, concrete is critical to modern society, if only it would stop cracking up on us. Well, not to condone it or anything, but concrete can't help cracking. It's just the way its made. You see, there are these capillaries that form during the curing process that eventually let water in. The pressure from the moisture cracks the concrete. The only thing you can do is repair the cracks. Here's a brief guide to foundation repair for concrete:

1. Clean out cracks of any size as best you can, using a wire brush or even a strong spray of water.
2. Fill small cracks (less than 1/8 inch) with caulk specially made for concrete. (Be sure cracks are dry before caulking.)
3. Fill larger cracks or small holes (less than a few inches) using patching products designed for concrete. These usually are in the form of a powder that is mixed with water. They typically expand as they dry and become very hard.
4. Apply sealant or paint to the concrete. One more thing. Patching compounds generally work better if the crack is damp or wet.



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