Types of Sheet Membranes

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What types of sheet membranes are there?

Types of Sheet Membranes

Sheeting membranes have been designed to cover completely any imperfections in the substrate or background. There are quite a few, but the most common include:

• Metal sheets in the form of lead, copper or stainless steel flashing or trays.
• Multilayer bituminous paper system with gravel topping for protection.
• Butyl rubber sheeting
• Semi-rigid asbestos asphalt sheeting
• Bitumen/polyethylene sheets
• E.P.D.M. Ethylene propylene Diene Monomer
• Chlorosulphanated rubber (Hypalon)
• PVC Polyvinylchloride
• Neoprene rubber
• Torch-on sheeting consist of layers of polypropylene bitumen modified.



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