Caulking a Bathtub

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What materials do I need to caulk a bathtub?

Caulking a Bathtub

Everyone has advice on waterproofing pools and bathtubs. Want our two cents? Caulking a bathtub is simple, if you stay away from the strip.
Strip caulking that comes in a roll. It looks tempting, but it comes off too easily and it's hard to apply. You'll do best to stick with tried and true tube caulk. But take care. Tube caulk can be messy to use.

Try to do a neat job in the first place and spare yourself the grueling task of trying to clean hardened smears of caulk from porcelain and/or tile surfaces.

You'll need the following to caulk your bathtub right:

1. A caulking gun
2. A tube of caulk
3. A sharp utility knife
4. A bead head
5. A bead cleanup tool
6. A damp rag (it should be disposable)



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