Painting a Swimming Pool

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Can I paint my pool myself?

Painting a Swimming Pool

Painting is about the only thing you can do to your pool yourself. Other types of surface coating should be left to the professionals. You'll probably end up spending $600, more or less, for the job, (which could be a bargain) if you follow a few simple rules:

• Shake the paint at the paint store. Otherwise you could be in for a very sticky time of it.
• Stir, baby, stir. Anytime you work with paint, you've got to be prepared to 'stir'. You'll be using a two part epoxy repair material that has to be stirred immediately prior to use.
• To mix a small amount of material in a small can, you'll need a small mixer paddle. Attach an ordinary mixer paddle to a variable speed drill and you've got yourself a lean, mean stirrin' machine.
• The swimming pool repair material you will be using sets up within half an hour on a warm day, so you'll want to repair horizontal floor cracks and imperfections first. As the material hardens, move to vertical wall areas and you'll avoid a lot of the sags and drips most amateur painters make when they are in a hurry.



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