Keeping Water Away From Your Foundation

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How can I keep water away from my foundation?

Keeping Water Away From Your Foundation

Exterior waterproofing barriers can protect your outside wall areas, usually, more or less. But these anti-leaking barriers can't keep out water that accumulates at the footer or floor level. The best thing to do is direct this water away from the foundation or into drainage or pumping systems. To control basement leakage, any guide to basement waterproofing will tell you that you can install a drainage system on the inner side of the foundation. To do this you'll have to first break up the floor is broken up along the perimeter of the basement wall, place drain tile in a trench that carries the water to a discharge point, or sump pump, which takes the water away from the house. If you have hollow block walls, you can drill holes at the bottom to relieve the water pressure and allow the water to pass into the drain pipe. You can fill the trench with gravel and recement or replace the floor. If you install it correctly, this system should take care of your leakage problem. You may also want to put in channels on the basement floor to take the water away through a sump pump.



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