Reparing Cracks in Swimming Pools

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How do I repair cracks in my pool?

Reparing Cracks in Swimming Pools

Your in-ground swimming pool can be seen as "underground concrete water tank", which means that if you want to waterproof it, you're going to need coating and sealants that can withstand lots of "negative hydrostatic pressure", or under-ground water pressure that passes through the substrate (your concrete pool) and presses on the back side of the pool coating. To repair hairline cracks in concrete pools use a coat of the proper chlorinated rubber or epoxy swimming pool paint. In fiberglass pools, you don't need to bother repairing tiny hairline cracks. They just mean that your fiberglass pool is weathering away naturally. If this advice on waterproofing pools and bathrooms sounds like Greek to you, you better hire a professional or you may end up doing more harm than good!



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